“Annette Sills has captured beautifully the suburban life experienced by people who are trying to make sense of a material, sometimes self-obsessed, world. The serious issues which affect every family are told with exceptional craftsmanship – and it made me laugh too. Perfect.”
Eamonn O’Neal – The Manchester Evening News

“An excellently observed and totally modern portrayal of family concerns which range from the mundane to the truly terrible. A highly impressive début novel.”
Madeline Henneghan – Writing on the Wall -Liverpool Literary Festival

“Distinctive voice, delightful humour and very engaging.”
Rethink Press Novel Competition 2014

“This sharply observed critique of the rise of café culture in the rainy city tackles the ordinary pressures faced by modern families with wit and warmth.”
Antonia Charlesworth, The Big Issue in the North

“Warm, peppered with funny moments and characters you can root for.”
Laura Wilkinson – author of Public Battles, Private Wars

“The Relative Harmony of Julie O’Hagan is a well observed book which is by turns funny, dark and very moving. As much a novel of the Irish Diaspora as it is a critique of the Organic canvas bag-carrying Chorlton Set.”
Kieran Power,  Cultural Director,  Manchester Irish World Heritage Centre.

“What a fantastic novel this was. I enjoyed every single word of it and it got its hooks into me really early on. How come a lot more people are not reading this book? They should be!
Set in Manchester in our day, but with flashbacks to years gone by, the book shares with us the lives of a very “normal” family. Mum, Dad and kids. But behind the doors of every home there are secrets and things we don’t share with our neighbours, friends and family. With incredible realism Annette Sills approaches everyday, somewhat mundane life with clarity, clever writing and wit, thus making this contemporary novel highly enjoyable and readable.
As a debut novel it’s a cut above, I highly recommend this book to any fan of contemporary fiction, especially books that have a high element of realism and relationship/family life in them. Utterly brilliant work Annette Sills! Keep writing, I want to read whatever you write next.

Maxine Groves, Goodreads Reviewer.


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