The Risen Word

My lovely writing group, Manchester Irish Writers, have been scribbling away for the last few months on pieces for an event to commemorate the centenary of The Easter Rising as part of Manchester Irish Festival. We’ve written a variety of pieces which cover different aspects of the period. There’s live drama as well as poetry that reminisces and stories about the women who played their part and the children that got caught up in one of Ireland’s most important historical events. There are also true stories about some of the writers’ friends and relatives who had links with people who were there at the time. We’d love you to come along.
My own piece, Dev and Miss Talty, takes the form a monologue set in Manchester in 1919 and it’s going to be performed on the night. I thoroughly enjoyed writing and researching it. It’s connected to the story of Eamonn De Valera, one of the leaders of The Rising and later President of Ireland, who spent a week hiding in the city after escaping from Lincoln jail with the help of Michael Collins and others. The monologue is told from the point of view of Kathleen Talty, a courageous County Clare woman and member of Cumann na mBan who lived in Fallowfield at the time and who helped in the  escape.
It is my first attempt at historical fiction and I have to say it was hard work but I loved it. My findings took me to County Clare and back and I had lots of help with my research from some great people over there. It’s going to  to post up a recording of the story here at some point.



6 thoughts on “The Risen Word

  1. Dear Annette
    I am connected to Kathleen Talty may Talty who Kathleen lived with was my aunt in law and I met her several times
    I would love to read a copy of your monologue if that is at all possible

  2. Ms Sills,
    My mother was also a Kathleen Talty, daughter of Michael Talty, brother of the Kathleen Talty who carried the cake containing the key to the jail door into the prison and the subject of your monologue. Michael immigrated to the USA in the 1890s and settled in Texas, near Dallas and the town of Talty Texas was named after him. My family and I have visited the Tommy Talty family in the homestead in Clare in the1970s as has two of my brothers and their families more recently. I am looking forward to reading your monologue when it becomes available.
    All the best,
    E.Patrick Mosman
    Pleasantville NY

    • How fascinating Patrick. The Taltys from County Clare were something else, weren’t they? One was a revolutionary and the other had a town named after him in Texas! Can I ask what he did to merit that?
      I am waiting for the actors who performed the monologue to record it and I will post it up here afterwards.
      Ps I have many relatives in the Rockaway area of NY.
      Best wishes

      • Ms Sills,
        Much of what I know about my grandparents,Michael Talty and his wife Catherine Higgins, from Castlerea Roscommom, came rather late in life as my family left Texas when I was 15 and I did not return for 17 years,only for a visit and subsequently in the 1980s/90s for business. According to family stories and a few records the area of Talty Tx about 25 miles East of Dallas was originally settled by Irish laborers in the 1800s who had come over to build the railroad that ran between Fort Worth/Dallas to Kansas City primarily to move cattle to the markets. The land was black river bottom and very rich for growing cotton. The area became known as the Irish Ridge. According to some stories Michael arrived in the US in 1895 via Ellis Island sponsored by the Layden family.We have checked the Ellis Island immigration files and there is no record that Mike arrived in Ellis Island. Since my grandmother and several siblings arrived in Texas from Ireland through Galveston TX, I think that Mike probably entered through Galveston, however, all records prior to 1900 were destroyed in the 1900 hurricane.
        The story goes that he worked for the Laydens for two years before opening his general store and building a house in 1900/01.It leads me to think that he may have arrived before 1895, but who will ever know.
        Mike’s store became a sub-post office and that put Talty TX on the map.
        The fact is that Talty Tx was the Talty store and home on one corner of a cross road and a cotton gin on the other.
        The Catholic community built a Church and boarding school, St. Martin’s and brought a priest and nuns from Ireland.
        In addition to the store Mike had a farm with cows, pigs,chickens and a cotton field.
        I never knew there were other Talty’s in the area until about 20 years ago and when I found out I asked my aunt.
        She would not talk about them only, “they are not related”.
        In the1980-90s developers bought up much of the farm land and built homes and light industry parks. My aunt refused to sell her property so when the NEW Talty Tx was incorporated the original Talty Tx and the Talty homestead were not included.
        Life goes on.
        E.Patrick Mosman
        Pleasantville NY 10570

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